Our Church

Our congregations are lively and active. While we take our faith seriously, we enjoy our worship and have fun in the many facets of church life. We have tried to capture some of the important aspects in some of the photos shown please have a look at some of our photos

We are  a family church and try to make everyone feel welcome and at home. We enjoy our worship and are open to learning and to God`s word.


Come and Join us !


Calder Parish Church

Calder Street,  Coatbridge 

Charity No  SC006854




We meet every Sunday at 11.30am for worship and to be among friends. 
In a world that has its’ fair share of ups and downs, from bereavement, loneliness, health, sadness etc. And the happy times too: we are no different to anyone else.
We seek to get through it all by relying in a simple faith,by being guided by the love of Jesus Christ and the friendship of others.
We don’t have all the answers and are at different stages in understanding our faith. 
You don’t need to be a Christian to join us, you may be sceptical, no previous knowledge, or, simply have a desire to have something in your life that you feel is missing. 
Faith is simply a journey of trust that God holds true and His love will stay with us through everything that life can throw at us.
All are welcome without exception: Gods’ love is unconditional 
So, take a deep breath and don’t be put off by the big brown doors.

You will be assured a warm welcome, come in and take a seat anywhere you please.!  And find out the other things we get up to. 


Church Activities:


Monday :         Guild

Tuesday :        Craft Group, Rainbows, Brownies & Guide,

                         Slimming World

Wednesday :   Mother & Toddlers, Line Dancing

Thursday :       Good as New Shop; Dance classes 


VACANCY  - Transition Minister

We are a Church  in Linkage with Old Monkland Parish Church.

We have been in Vacancy for a while and are keen to welome just the right Transition Minister.

Recent job adverts and interview processes have not been successful,  but we know God has a plan and the right person is being guided to us.   Any interest in this position should be directed toward Church of Scotland, Edinburgh. Feel free also to join us in Sunday worship each week at 11.30am (Old Monkland Church is at 10am)  and meet the congregation.

Church Library


The Church Library corner has been

completed. We now have it stocked.  With an ecclectic collection of Christian books and DVDs suitable for children and adults which have been contributed to the library by the Congregation.  David Graham takes responsibility for co-ordinating the library.  Please feel free to browse and borrow any which sparks your interest.  We hope that you will find the blessing of being able to borrow any of the books or DVDs.


Daylight saving time ends this month,  so remember to put your clocks back an hour at 2am on Sunday 28 October 2018



Remember, the clock go forward on Sunday 25 March, 2018 so don’t forget to change your time pieces.