The Guild Big Sing will take place in New Wellwynd Church in Airdrie at 2pm on Friday 23rd November 2018.  This is a very popular event and is usually fully booked very early on.  An application for tickets has been made but as yet we don't know if the application has been successful or indeed how many tickets will be available if the applicatiob is successful.    

Janice Kennedy


The Guild Dedication will take place during the service on Sunday 28 October, 2018.


The next meeting will be held on this date and visiting speaker will be Elizabeth Wilkie,  Tesco Community Champion who will tell all about Tesco and the local groups they support.   The doors will be open at 1pm with the meeting starting at 1.30p. All are welcome,  members or not.  Tea and coffee will be provided too and the afternoon will conclude by 3pm.

The Guild held their first meeting on Monday 8th October at 1.30pm in the Church Hall at 1pm.  The speaker was Colin Ogilvie, our Locum who was warmly received.  The next meeting is on Monday 22nd October and refreshments will be served during the break.   If you would like to join the group meetings,  please feel free to attend.  You don't have to be a GUILD member and all are welcome,  young and old, male and female.   So come along and at least enjoy the company.

On Thursday 23rd of August an EGM was held by the Church Guild in our hall.   I am pleased to say the Guild will be continuing and we have (as some already know) a new Guild Treasurer who is Anne Taylor.  Many thanks to Anne for volunteering as every Guild needs a named Treasurer who is also a Church member.   Anne couldn't be at the meeting as she had prior commitments.   Many thanks to Margaret Muir from our Local Guild Council which is now known as Hamilton North Guilds Together  and to our Locum Colin Ogilvie for attending and for giving their continued support, it is much appreciated by us all.    The Guild meetings will resume in October and dates etc will be announced.  So come along and join us, you will be most welcome.   
Janice Kennedy, Convenor/Secretary.


Can you help our Guild? For over a hundred years there has been a guild associated with our church. Over the years they have contributed greatly to the life, mission and finances of the church.

To continue they need our support, especially with someone to act as treasurer. The job isn't onerous or time consuming and the paperwork is minimal. There also would be support available especially at the beginning. The treasurer doesn't need to be a member of the guild, or be required to join or attend, the position is open to men too.

If you could help, or know someone who could help out then please speak to either Janice Kennedy or Colin Ogilvie. If we can’t help support the guild in this way, there is a possibility the Guild may have to close, as this position is mandatory. 



We meet every second Monday at 1pm




The Guild is a movement within the Church of Scotland which invites and encourage both Women and Men to commit their lives to Jesus Christ and enable them to express their Faith and Worship through prayer and action.


Our group meets every second Monday at 1pm.  

Your Office Bearers are


Miss Janice Kennedy  07865398302



Ms Anne Taylor


All Calder Guild members are committee members.


The sylabus for 2017 - 2018 has been provided by Janice and is as follows


16     Manager of Beatson

22     Dedication Service

30     Coatbridge Community Orchard


13     DEBRA

27     Dr D Walker  History


11     Lunch with Caterer


8      Colin Ogilvie

22    Bible Fruits


5      V.Slim   Scripture Union

19    Coatbridge & Whifflet Quiz and Buffet


5      TBA

19    Garden Centre

23    Spring Concert


9      AGM  Buffet


Council Meetings at Clarkston Church at 7.30pm

26 October 2017    Autumn Rally


Feb 18   Songs of Praise Calder Chuch 3pm

Mar 8     ASM

Mar 17   Project Meeting


All meetings are open and all are welcome to join us.