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  • Johnc969 (Saturday, September 27 14 08:17 am BST)

    Thanks so much for sharing all with the awesome info! I am looking forward to checking out far more posts! dkddebdkkcaf

  • Cynthia Calder (Wednesday, August 13 14 05:06 pm BST)

    Researching a bit of Calder history and stumbled upon your Parish. It's a beautiful church! Wish I could visit and see for real.

  • Beverley (Wednesday, January 29 14 06:22 pm GMT)

    Church in Bo’ness gets digital with new app innovation
    29 January 2014
    An innovative new way for people to enhance their spiritual well-being has been devised by a church in Bo’ness.
    The first ever app for Iphone and Android devices to emanate from a Church of Scotland parish – titled Sanctuary First – is now available for people across the globe to download and connect with the
    Christian faith.
    The Very Reverend Albert Bogle – who was Moderator of the Church of Scotland between 2012 and 2013 – has been one of a group of digital innovators based at St Andrew’s Church in the Falkirk
    He said: “We’re not saying this is the way forward for the Church of Scotland but it certainly is one way.
    “The digital age is here and we should embrace it and use the benefits it can bring.”
    Commuters can now listen to engaging meditations on a variety of themes in bite-sized formats which include bereavement, journeys and temptations.
    “It’s been designed to enhance the faith of Christians in a world where people seem to have less time to themselves,” said Mr Bogle.
    “The creators of the app have put their heart and soul into it and we hope it really enriches the heart and soul of people who access it.”
    St Andrew’s Church has been one of Scotland’s leading ministries in digital/spiritual innovation.
    Sanctuary First, whose name is used for the app, are a multimedia company born out of a youth project set up at St Andrew’s in 2000.
    It now employs talented digital producers who create a vast array of content which is relevant to today’s world. They are the team behind the live online stream of the General Assembly and only last
    Sunday provided a stream for the Moderator’s visit to St Andrew’s Church as part of her visit to Falkirk Presbytery.

  • George McConville (Thursday, November 21 13 10:49 pm GMT)

    I have great memories of visiting your hall behind the church, many times over the years during the 1960's I went to jumble sales on Saturday afternoons, I used to love going there, I was always on
    the look out for Enid Blyton books and I used to find them in the jumble sales in your hall. I have never been inside the church, I have never been a churchgoer, I have my relationship with God as he
    is with me always wherever I am.

  • Joan Rankin (Thursday, April 18 13 10:41 pm BST)

    Hi Beverley, loving the additional page to the site including order of services. You're doing a brilliant job. XXX

  • Beverley (Saturday, March 23 13 12:40 am GMT)

    Hello Liz,

    Nice to hear from you and glad we are reaching you all the way to Canada. You will notice that I have added your request to our web site and hopefully we will get some response.

    I will also ask your request to be published in our Magazine to reach those who don't have access to the Internet.

    I have cc'd our session clerk who may have access to some records.

    Kind regards from Calder Parish Church.

    God Bless

  • Liz Brown (Friday, March 22 13 06:57 pm GMT)

    Hello - I now live in Canada; however, spent my early years in Whifflet. I attended the Church of Scotland Whifflet Sunday School and still have a b'day greeting signed by a IH Thomson. I am
    attempting to locate past family members and wonder if you have access to early church records that would assist me. Thank you for your help and congratulations on such a lovely website.
    Liz Brown (nee Eliza Steenson Johnston (aka Betty) -1944)

  • Jacqui Burns (Monday, February 04 13 09:40 pm GMT)

    Great website

  • Joan Rankin (Saturday, December 22 12 09:05 pm GMT)

    A Merry Christmas to everyone. Select the link below to see your card.

  • Joan Rankin (Tuesday, December 11 12 08:27 pm GMT)

    Well done Beverley. Looking very professional.

  • Andrea (Friday, November 23 12 01:07 pm GMT)

    Great website.. very informative.

  • margaret herd (Wednesday, November 07 12 05:18 pm GMT)

    Looks good.

  • Liz Smillie (Monday, November 05 12 05:10 pm GMT)

    Very Good

  • Andrea Mc Nair (Monday, October 22 12 11:43 am BST)

    Great to see it taking shape
    good work Beverley

  • David Stevenson (Monday, September 24 12 03:34 pm BST)

    Looking good

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